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4.5 Full Range Speaker



    4.5 Full Range Speaker

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    55-4626 - 4.5 Inch 20W 4 Ohm Full Range Speaker

    Full Range Oval Speaker External Depth: 60mm External Width: 128mm Impedance: 4ohm Power Rating RMS: 20W External Diameter: 120mm External Length / Height: 128mm Fixing Centres LxW: 97 x 97mm Peak Music Power Output: 40W Weight: 620g

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    55-4624 - 4.5 Inch 15W 8 Ohm Full Range Dual Cone Speaker

    4.5 " Full Range Speaker

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    55-4524 - Aluminum Cone 4W Full Range Speaker 1.8 Inch

    1.8" Full Range Mylar Speaker 4.5 cm (1.8") full range speaker with aluminum diaphragm and transparent plastic basket with two mounting holes. Balanced frequency response and very good low range reproduction. Suitable for applications where slim construction and good music and speech reproduction…

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    55-5700 - Miniature Full Range Speaker 39mm x 39mm 5W 8 Ohm

    Ultra Compact Full Range Speaker This compact full range driver measures only 39 x 39mm yet boasts 5W nominal (8W max) power capacity. The 20mm voice coil dissipates heat through the open pole-piece design and 4.5mm of effective Xmax, with two high compliance surrounds, provides low frequency…

    Mfr Name: PUI Audio

    Mfr Number: AS03908AS-R

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    SR00187 - 66mm Mylar Cone Speaker

    A range of three weatherproof speakers available in 50mm, 66mm and 85mm sizes. The cones are made from water resistant transparent Mylar® film. Suitable for portable or exterior equipment where moisture may be encountered, i.e. alarm panels, sounders and door entry systems. * Size:…

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    555-20326 - Portable Wireless PA System 70W RMS Single Ch Receiver

    Portable Wireless PA System MA-707 is a versatile and rugged system that can be used indoors and outdoors and provides excellent full range music reproduction as well as quality intelligible speech. It offers an ideal public address solution for medium to large crowds. * Shown with Optional Modules…

    Mfr Name: Mipro Electronics Co

    Mfr Number: MA-707PA

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