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    80-7780 - Audio Analyzer Project Kit

    Give your homemade audio gear a high-tech look with this kit. This small and compact unit measures RMS and dB of audio in the Linear or 1/3 octave audio spectrums.

    Mfr Name: Velleman SA

    Mfr Number: K8098

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    72-12855 - RF Explorer 6G Combo Handheld Digital Spectrum Analyzer

    RF Explorer is a handheld digital spectrum analyzer, a very affordable tool for work in all popular frequency bands. It is based on a highly integrated frequency synthesizer and double balanced mixer which offers high performance, compact size, low consumption and low cost. It has been designed to…

    Mfr Name: Seeed Studio

    Mfr Number: 109990063

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    72-8625 - Acoustilyzer Compact Acoustical and Audio Analyzer

    The Acoustilyzer is a handheld audio test instrument with a wide range of acoustical measurement functions, such as testing and monitoring of sound pressure level at concerts, room acoustics and speech intelligibility STI-PA. The practical blend of electrical and acoustical functions, combined with…

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    555-27810 - 15 Band Stereo Graphic Equalizer with FBQ

    …components. Industry-leading 4580 dual operational amplifiers are employed throughout for the utmost signal integrity across the entire audio spectrum. With 15-bands of smooth and precise equalization per channel, the stereo FBQ1502HD adds the finishing professional touch to your recordings…

    Mfr Name: Behringer

    Mfr Number: FBQ1502HD

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    72-12670 - 1.3GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyzer with UO1 Upgrade Kit

    1.3GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyzer The 72-12670 is a handheld RF spectrum analyzer. It measures 1MHz to 1.3GHz, and has a selectable resolution. It also comes with a case and various accessories.

    Mfr Name: Aim-TTI Instruments

    Mfr Number: PSA1302USC

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