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    22-8242 - Atlas DCA Meter - Semiconductor and Component Analyzer

    An intelligent, slim, and invaluable component analyzer that presents the user with detailed component information in concise, easy to read, scroll-able pages via its LCD display. The unit negates the need for searching through data books in many cases and is suitable for use with bi-polar…

    Mfr Name: Peak

    Mfr Number: DCA55

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    74-485 - HotWire Fox and Hound Live Wire Circuit Tracing Kit

    The Hotwire kit is a wire tracer for both 120 and 220VAC circuits. It includes the Hotwire Fox which applies a RF tracing signal to the wire and the Hotwire Hound which senses the location and strength of the RF signal to identify the path of the wire. Also traces common wires such as telephone and…

    Mfr Name: Triplett

    Mfr Number: 3388

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