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    831-3231 - 5V USB to TTL Module

    The TTL-232R-PCB uses the FT232RQ chip and is the same as that which is housed within the USB A connector of the TTL-232R. The PCB provides access to the TX, RX, RTS#, CTS#, VCC (5V) and GND signals. /p>

    Mfr Name: FTDI

    Mfr Number: TTL-232R-PCB

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    831-3245 - FTDI USB Development Module

    Vinculum USB to MCU Development Tool The VDIP1 is a MCU to embedded USB host controller development module for the VNC1L IC device. The Vinculum VNC1L is the first of Vinculum family of embedded USB host controller integrated circuit devices.

    Mfr Name: FTDI

    Mfr Number: VDIP1

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    831-3233 - USB B Female UART Module

    The MM232R is a mini development module for the FT232RQ IC device. Providing a USB - Serial UART interface in an extremely small package. Ideal for new development purposes, and also for adding a USB interface to existing product designs.

    Mfr Name: FTDI

    Mfr Number: MM232R

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    831-3244 - Surface Mount FTSI Embedded Controller

    Vinculum USB Host/Slave IC The VNC1L is a first generation Vinculum family USB Host/Slave Controller IC, designed to deliver USB host level interfacing capabilities to embedded applications. The IC features two independent USB host/slave ports with an inbuilt 8/32-bit MCU processing core with 4kb…

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    28-13515 - RFu Arduino Development Board

    This product is a really great starter kit for the RFu-328. The RFu-328 is a stripped out Arduino compatible wireless module. Because the leap between a "full fat" Arduino and the RFu can for many be a little large, this product bridges that gap and brings back some of the easy to use features when…

    Mfr Name: Ciseco

    Mfr Number: RFU DEV BOARD

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    83-17814 - ARM MCU JTAG Adapter

    ARM MCU JTAG Adapter for PureThermal 1 This ARM MCU JTAG Adapter can be used to flash and debug the PureThermal 1 system via JTAG by connecting the included ribbon cable to both board's flat flex connectors (FFC).

    Mfr Name: Groupgets LLC

    Mfr Number: 65607386

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    83-14392 - Raspberry Pi USB Programming and Debug Cable

    The easiest way ever to connect to your microcontroller/Raspberry Pi/WiFi router serial console port.

    Mfr Name: Adafruit

    Mfr Number: 954

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    Parallax has designed a USB to Serial (RS-232) adapter that is compact and economical to provide a Virtual Com Port for all of our products that have a DB9 (9-pin) serial connector. Cable included.

    Mfr Name: Parallax

    Mfr Number: 28031

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    83-13531 - USB to 3.5mm TTL Serial Cable

    The USB TTL Serial cable is a USB to serial converter cable which provides connectivity between USB and serial UART interfaces.

    Mfr Name: Distributed By MCM

    Mfr Number: 33R1437

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    83-13129 - Arduino Uno Board

    …outputs), 6 analog inputs, a 16 MHz crystal oscillator, a USB connection, a power jack, an ICSP header, and a reset button. It contains everything needed to support the microcontroller; simply connect it to a computer with a USB cable or power it with a AC-to-DC adapter or battery to get started.

    Mfr Name: Arduino

    Mfr Number: A000066

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    83-14843 - OLIMEXINO-328 Arduino Due Compatible Development Board

    OLIMEX's OLIMEXINO-328, OLIMEX is a Bulgarian company that has taken a lot of popular existing open-source projects (Arduino, Maple, Pinguino, Maximite, etc.) and vastly improved their respective designs. The OLIMEXINO-328 maintains the same pin and mounting hole positions as the Arduino Uno.

    Mfr Name: Olimex

    Mfr Number: OLIMEXINO-328

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