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    Headphone Amp Board

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    28-5180 - 75mW x 2Ch Audio Amplifier Module

    75mW x 2Ch Audio Amplifier Module Pre—assembled audio amplifier boards may be used for many applications including repair or modification of equipment, projects or prototype work. They are easily installed into existing enclosures, speaker cabinets or audio equipment. Accepts line level…

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    83-15709 - Wave Shield Sound Kit for Arduino - V1.1

    Adding quality audio to an electronic project is surprisingly difficult. Here is a shield for Arduino Microcontroller Boards that solves this problem. It can play up to 22KHz, 12bit uncompressed audio files of any length. It's low cost, available as an easy-to-make kit. It has an onboard DAC, filter…

    Mfr Name: Adafruit

    Mfr Number: 94

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    28-12710 - Universal Audio Preamplifier

    Kit - 2 Stage Preamplifier 2-step preamplifier for high-power amplifier, headphones-amplifier, etc.

    Mfr Name: Kemo Electronic

    Mfr Number: B073

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    28-19386 - 20W Amplifier Kit Max9744

    …20W stereo amplifier! This slim little board has a class D amplifier onboard that can drive 2 channels of 4-8 ohm impedance speakers at 20W each. Power it with 5-12VDC using the onboard DC power jack and plug stereo line level into the 3.5mm stereo headphone jack and jam out with ease. Since it's…

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    83-17635 - JustBoom DAC Standalone

    …and all the mounting hardware already provided, this is a true plug and play device. Connect your JustBoom DAC to a set of powered speakers, headphones or an audio amplifier and you can be up and running quickly, enjoying flawless, crystal-clear high quality audio playback within minutes of…

    Mfr Name: Pi Supply

    Mfr Number: 83-17635

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    83-17632 - JustBoom DAC HAT For Raspberry Pi

    …JustBoom DAC HAT is a plug and play, high resolution, digital-to-analog converter for the Raspberry Pi. Simply stack the plug-and-play add on board (HAT) onto your Raspberry Pi A+, B+, 2B or the new 3B and it will be ready to use immediately. Just connect your DAC HAT to a set of powered speakers…

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