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    Ic Heat Sink

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    Mfr Name: LG Electronics

    Mfr Number: F-52534

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    N-92F291 - 5W, 1 Channel Lm384N IC Audio Amp

    …to one half the supply voltage. The output is short circuit proof with internal thermal limiting. The package outline is standard dual in-line. A copper lead frame is used with the center three pins on either side comprising a heat sink. This makes the device easy to use in standard PC board layout.

    Mfr Name: National Semiconductor

    Mfr Number: LM384N

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    21-2340 - Professional Alignment Tool Kit

    Comprehensive selection of the most popular alignment tools and service aids for electronics repair, including vintage televisions and radios. This kit is packaged in a well-organized carrying case designed to provide easy removal and replacement of tools. It is ideal for the technician and engineer…

    Mfr Name: GC Electronics

    Mfr Number: 5050

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    22-3282 - Electronics Master Kit

    A complete, portable kit for working on electronics. Perfect for the professional or hobbyist.

    Mfr Name: Pro'skit

    Mfr Number: 1PK-1700NA-MCM

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    22-3283 - Jumbo Tool Kit

    This all-encompassing, multi-purpose tool kit includes a huge assortment of high-quality hand-tools to ensure you're prepared for the job. Inside, find an assortment of pliers, drivers, strippers, wrenches and more. Every tool is neatly organized in a dedicated compartment within the lockable…

    Mfr Name: Pro'skit

    Mfr Number: 1PK-1990A

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    80-9104 - 1A Power Supply Kit Kit

    …provides a regulated voltage, adjustable between 1.5 and 35 volts at 1 Amp. With the LM317 regulator remarkably better ripple and regulation characteristics are given than with conventional regulators. Current limiter and thermal overload protection are included in the IC. Supplied without heatsink.

    Mfr Name: Velleman SA

    Mfr Number: K1823

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