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    Liquid Tape

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    20-390 - Liquid Tape

    Liquid Tape GC Electronics Liquid Tape, Capacity: 2 fl oz, Features: Heavy bodied black insulating coating which replaces insulating tape in

    Mfr Name: GC Electronics

    Mfr Number: 10-1762

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    20-1355 - IPA Isopropyl Alcohol

    * Improves performance while extending the life of the VCR equipment and the tapes * Quickly removes dampening residues from magnetic heads * Easily removes interfering soils from CD/DVD optical heads

    Mfr Name: Chemtronics

    Mfr Number: ES820L

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    21-14630 - ITO Conductive Coated Flexible Plastic Sheet - 100mm x 200mm

    …It may also be possible to use a laser cutter to pattern it. We're looking forward to seeing what people do with this cool stuff! It's not possible to solder to this material, but you can use conductive inks, paints, copper tape (with conductive adhesive) and alligator clips to make contact.

    Mfr Name: Adafruit

    Mfr Number: 1309

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