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    22-17056 - 50 Piece T-Handle Drill and Bit Set

    T-handle allows for high torque to be applied making it useful for drilling and driving into wood, metal and masonry.

    Mfr Name: Performance Tool

    Mfr Number: W125

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    21-13875 - Mini Hand Drill - 4 3/4"

    Hobbyist hand drill for punching a quick hole in light materials. Perfect for plastic project boxes and most PCB's. Great for starting holes to prevent power drill walking.

    Mfr Name: Duratool

    Mfr Number: JS-560T

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    22-3283 - Jumbo Tool Kit

    This all-encompassing, multi-purpose tool kit includes a huge assortment of high-quality hand-tools to ensure you're prepared for the job. Inside, find an assortment of pliers, drivers, strippers, wrenches and more. Every tool is neatly organized in a dedicated compartment within the lockable…

    Mfr Name: Pro'skit

    Mfr Number: 1PK-1990A

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