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    287-2512 - Acceleration Activated Switch 2G Trigger

    …sensing shock and linear acceleration, these switches are commonly used for shock and for over-speed protection in sensitive equipment. They come pre-calibrated for a variety of ranges to fit most applications. These switches are a Normally Open configuration, and Close when they reach the listed…

    Mfr Name: ASSEMtech

    Mfr Number: ASLS2

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    26-4725 - 3A Normally Open Push Button Switch - SPST - Red

    3A Normally Open Push Button Switch - SPST - Red

    Mfr Number: 30-10062

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    555-3100 - Momentary Foot Pedal Switch

    …in place. Attached shielded 10' cable is terminated with a hand soldered, metal 1/4' phone plug, with spring strain relief. Internal 5A momentary switch is normally open and may be rewired for normally closed use. Dimensions (depressed), 1-1/8" (H) x 3-1/2" (W) x 3-1/8" (D).

    Mfr Name: Distributed By MCM

    Mfr Number: FS-60

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    26-5245 - Magnetic Alarm Reed Switch

    * SPDT NO or NC Magnet * Normally Closed & Normally Open

    Mfr Name: NTE Electronics

    Mfr Number: 54-627

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    82-21270 - Aluminum Surface Mount Switch Set (Closed Loop - Normally Open)

    The 4532 is a miniature, low-profile reed switch in cast aluminum for durability in harsh environments. The 4532 features 2 feet of heavy-duty armored cable for protection from the elements and a versatile universal magnet which can be mounted at various angles for those difficult installations.

    Mfr Name: George Risk Industries

    Mfr Number: 4460A

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    82-13870 - Alarm Switch Screw Terminals N.O. Contact/Mag; 3/4" Gap

    For added protection around your home, add a pair of Surface Mount Magnetic Contact Switches to almost any security system. The switch is ideal for any normally open location and will send an alert signal to your security system when it is no longer in a normally open state.

    Mfr Name: Seco-larm

    Mfr Number: SM-300Q/W

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    82-030 - Overhead Garage Door Contact

    These garage door contacts for closed circuits are used for systems that expect a closed circuit when the magnet and sensor are together. When the magnet and sensor separate, the circuit opens. Switch contacts, which are normally open, close when the door is in the closed position.

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    82-14526 - Eight Channel Receiver

    …device's wireless signal. It also allows you to choose which devices shall have a latching memory condition, when selected during enrollment. You are able to select turning on a siren, sounding a chime, triggering a normally open or normally closed switch, or turning on an external 12 VDC output.

    Mfr Name: Safety Technology International

    Mfr Number: STI-34108

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    28-12776 - Waterswitch 9 - 12 V/DC

    Water Detecting Switch If the 2 sensor connections of the module come into contact with water, the built-in relay switches on. Sirens, other cutoff relays, etc. may be triggered with that.

    Mfr Name: Kemo Electronic

    Mfr Number: M158

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    26-5290 - 20 Pack - Super Slim 6MM Tactile Swith

    Slim clicky momentary switches are standard input "buttons" on electronic projects. These are half the width of classic 6mm tactile switches so they line up better on a breadboard, just plug them into every-other row.

    Mfr Name: Adafruit

    Mfr Number: 1489

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    555-18844 - 18W Audio Amplifier, With Power Supply

    18 W Mono Audio Amplifier - 8 O, with Power Supply Wherever an ultra-compact, high quality, high efficiency eco-friendly audio power amplifier is needed to provide reliability and unsurpassed versatility, the FP-PA18 is the ideal choice. Use the FP-PA18 individually, or combine it with other RDL…

    Mfr Name: Radio Design Labs

    Mfr Number: FP-PA18

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    555-ST-VOX1 - RDL Voice Activated Relay

    Versatile module accepts unbalanced line or mic level signal and provides switched DPDT contacts. An open collector output is also provided for slave units. Applications include converting PTT (push to talk) function to hands free, automatic muting and audio signal sensing for auto-power-on…

    Mfr Name: Radio Design Labs

    Mfr Number: ST-VOX1

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