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    53-5070 - Piezo Driver

    Description The MPT-142 is a piezo driver without a horn lens that uses a standard 1 3/8" thread.

    Mfr Name: Monacor

    Mfr Number: MPT-142

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    PICAXE Microbot The PICAXE-20X2 Microbot system provides an exciting and economical introduction to the world of robotics. The microbot can be fully customized via the 6 input/output module connection points. Unique patented microbric connectors allow the robot to be easily reconfigured with just a…

    Mfr Name: Microchip

    Mfr Number: TREV-MCP030

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    83-15517 - DWO LCD DEV BOARD

    Compatible with ezLCD-30X models, this development kit is a full-featured EDK board with RS-232, RS-485 interfaces two mini USB connectors, power and flash drive access Plus I2C Sensors for voltage, current, and temperature, with 3.7v lithium battery support.

    Mfr Name: Earth LCD

    Mfr Number: EZ LCD-30X-EDK

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    53-812 - Bullet Piezo Horn Driver

    The unique design of this piezo horn driver incorporates a parallel "voice" coil to provide impedance characteristics comparable to a standard tweeter, greatly simplifying the incorporation of a crossover network. Additionally, an internal series 4.7uF capacitor allows direct connection in much the…

    Mfr Name: MCM Audio Select

    Mfr Number: 53-812

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    53-810 - Bullet Piezo Horn Driver

    …use with any standard midrange/tweeter horn lens. Screw-on horn driver utilizes standard 13/8" x 18TPI threads for compatibility with most available drivers. Commonly used in musical instrument and DJ speaker systems, this driver provides wide dispersion, ideal in sound reinforcement applications.…

    Mfr Name: MCM Audio Select

    Mfr Number: 53-810

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    555-971 - Piezo Dynamic Hand Held Megaphone

    Piezo Dynamic Handheld Megaphone Powerful lightweight megaphone utilizes patented Piezo dynamic technology to provide much greater efficiency than conventional voice coil drivers, allowing this megaphone to provide higher output power with lower power consumption. This means longer battery life and…

    Mfr Name: MG Electronics

    Mfr Number: PGM25-PD

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    83-14719 - Arduino Starter Kit

    Ready to get started making projects with the Arduino? This kit walks you through the basics using 15 hands-on, creative projects that you build while learning.

    Mfr Name: Arduino

    Mfr Number: 2929/3358

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