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    72-6565 - Noise Plug Pink Noise Generator

    Noise Plug Pink Noise Generator Noise Plug Pink Noise Generator, Features: 20 Hz~20 KHz precision reference, accurate 3 dB per octave rolloff, balanced micropho

    Mfr Name: Distributed By MCM

    Mfr Number: NP1

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    555-18904 - White And Pink Noise Noise Generator

    White and Pink Noise Generator The ST-NG1 is the ideal choice where random white or pink noise is needed. It is suitable either as a reference noise source for audio measurements or as a masking noise source in engineered sound or counter-intelligence applications.

    Mfr Name: Radio Design Labs

    Mfr Number: ST-NG1

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    28-12934 - Pink Noise Generator

    Pink Noise Generator Kit To analyze the acoustic properties of a room, a good pink noise generator together with a spectrum analyzer is indispensable. Moreover, a microphone with as linear a frequency characteristic as possible (from 20Hz to 20kHz) is needed. If you have an equalizer available, then…

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    555-10950 - ULTRAGRAPH FBQ-PRO 31 Band Graphic Equalizer with Pink Noise Generator

    …reveals feedback frequencies and can also be used as an audio analyzer. Dedicated limiters with gain reduction meters for each channel, protect your sound system from overload and distortion, and a pink noise generator provides test signals for equalizing your sound system to any room acoustics.

    Mfr Name: Behringer

    Mfr Number: FBQ6200HD

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    72-8605 - Minirator Pro Analog Audio Signal Generator

    The MR-PRO is an extremely powerful analog audio generator to satisfy every need for the professional engineer. Proprietary user wave forms may be loaded via USB into the internal flash memory.p> The rotary settings wheel combined with surrounding fast access function keys enables instant and…

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    Blue Microphone Windshield Foam pop filter is perfect for most handheld vocal microphones. It significantly reduces wind noise while having virtually no effect on sound quality. Available in eight individual colors. Dimensions: * Outside diameter: 2" * Inside diameter: 1½" * Height: 3⅛"

    Mfr Name: Pulse

    Mfr Number: MWS-BLUE

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    21-19235 - Alpha Hearing Protection Power Muffs SLL Carbon - Graphite

    Alpha Muffs SSL (Super Slim Lite) offer outstanding hearing enhancement in the quiet outdoors, and instant hearing protection when needed.

    Mfr Name: Walker's

    Mfr Number: GWPAMCARB

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    35-8770 - Bluetooth Streaming Wireless Headphones with Mic Orange

    Bluetooth Streaming Wireless Headphones (orange) With the PHBT5 Wireless Headphones, you can listen to your favorite music from Bluetooth-enabled devices and receive hands-free calls using your mobile phone. The touch button controls allow you to quickly jump from track to track, adjust volume…

    Mfr Name: Pyle

    Mfr Number: PHBT5O

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    53-1445 - 40W 8 Ohm - Bolt On Compression Tweeter Driver

    Specifications: Throat Diameter 25,4 mm (1 in) Overall Diameter 91 mm (3.58 in) 180� Mounting Holes Diameter (2xM5) 77.5 mm (3.05 in) Depth 51 mm (2.01 in) Net Weight 850 g (1.87 lb) Shipping Box 98x90x64 mm (3.86x3.54x2.52 in) Shipping Weight 880 g (1.94 lb)

    Mfr Name: Faital Pro

    Mfr Number: HF104

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    555-9248 - Sound Masking Module for AA120M Amplifier

    …the AA-SMG sound masking generator module is the perfect solution for small to medium sized masking system when used in conjunction with the AA120M mixer amplifier. The module features selectable white / pink noise, front panel level and EQ trim controls, and EQ insert point for system tuning.

    Mfr Name: Atlas Sound

    Mfr Number: AA-SMG

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    72-8600 - Minirator Analog Audio Signal Generator

    Minirator MR2 is a powerful audio generator, offering a full range of useful analog test signals for calibration, maintenance and repair of professional audio equipment. The rotary settings wheel combined with surrounding fast access function keys enables instant and intuitive operation without…

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    Loudspeaker Management System The DriveRack 260 was designed with the purpose of providing state-of-the-art signal processing, while utilizing a simple and intuitive user interface. This goal has been achieved by offering two independent channels of processing power with a linkable 28-Band Graphic…

    Mfr Name: DBX Professional

    Mfr Number: DRIVERACK 260

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    72-8625 - Acoustilyzer Compact Acoustical and Audio Analyzer

    The Acoustilyzer is a handheld audio test instrument with a wide range of acoustical measurement functions, such as testing and monitoring of sound pressure level at concerts, room acoustics and speech intelligibility STI-PA. The practical blend of electrical and acoustical functions, combined with…

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