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    83-14460 - Gertboard I/O Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi

    The Gert Board is designed to allow you to use your Raspberry Pi to drive motors to open doors, lift things, or power robotics. If you want to sense temperature and switch devices on and off; if you want to flash lights; if you want to teach it to play the glockenspiel; or if you want to learn about…

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    83-17627 - SmartiPi Touch Case for Raspberry Pi Touchscreen

    The search for the best enclosure for Official Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen enclosure ends with the SmartiPi Touch from Smarticase. This version has LEGOr compatible studs on the front for fun expansion.

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    83-16346 - Cobbler Multi GPIO Board for Raspberry Pi

    The enhanced cobbler features multi GPIO configurations for use in a variety of projects. This is the ideal expansion board for adding additional electronic hardware to your Raspberry Pi with ease. Silk screen is clearly labeled with GPIO pin outs and features 2 x 13 way pin headers and 2 x 13 way…

    Mfr Name: Pro Signal

    Mfr Number: CTLENHANCOBBLER-01

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