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    21-20880 - Multi-Function SMD Rework Station

    SMD Rework Station The LF-853D combines a hand held reflow system with a high powered soldering iron. Its sirocco style fan induces seamless airflow thrrough the heating element providing convection style heating akin to reflow oven systems. Furthermore the non-pressurized air stream is perfect for…

    Mfr Name: Xytronic

    Mfr Number: LF-853D

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    21-13285 - Preheat and Reflow Hot Plate

    Preheat and reflow hot plate is ideal for PCB preheating and other soldering applications that require even heating. Uses a closed-loop sensor to provide precise, stable temperatures.

    Mfr Name: Quick

    Mfr Number: QUICK870

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    21-21180 - 10 Row 2 Column Solder Breadboard

    This solder-style breadboard has 10 rows, 2 columns, and two power channels. 120 holes in total. 0.1" hole grid. HASL finish.

    Mfr Name: Chip Quik

    Mfr Number: SBB1002-1

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    101-101 - Male RCA Plug - Solder Connection - Metal Case

    The Switchcraft model 3502 RCA Phono plug is ideal for mono signal lines. It features two solder-type contacts, a nickel housing and a built-in cable retention clamp.

    Mfr Name: Switchcraft/Conxall

    Mfr Number: 3502

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    27-8415 - 134 Piece MINI-FIT RTC Power Connector Kit-Vertical Header

    134 piece kit contains RTC headers that withstand high SMT solder-reflow temperatures to guarantee compatibility with lead-free RoHS reflow processes. Ideal for mid-range power applications that require high-density and current-carrying capability.

    Mfr Name: Molex

    Mfr Number: 76650-0163

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    21-21185 - 400 Point Solder-In Breadboard

    This board exactly copies the routing of a 400 point solderless breadboard. This allows direct transfer of circuits prototyped in a solderless breadboard to a solder-in breadboard to facilitate functional in-system testing or even field testing.

    Mfr Name: Chip Quik

    Mfr Number: SBB400

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    21-21165 - Tack Flux in Six 2cc Squeeze Tubes

    Tack Flux in 6 2cc Squeeze Tubes. Low viscosity no-clean synthetic paste flux. This flux has a pleasant odor that won't overwhelm you, like most do.

    Mfr Name: Chip Quik

    Mfr Number: SMD291ST2CC6

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