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    Rg58 Crimp Tool

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    22-13905 - Coaxial Connectors Crimping Tool for RG6, RG58, RG59, RG62

    Powerful ratchet crimping tool for crimping BNC, TNC, "F" connectors etc. to RG6, RG58, RG59 and RG62 cables, and the pin to the center core. Features cushioned plastic grips and ratchet release lever.

    Mfr Name: Duratool

    Mfr Number: 22-13905

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    22-5295 - Coax Termination Kit

    …all the tools to crimp a variety of coaxial cables. Set contains: •Super Crimp frame w/RG-58, 59/62 BNC/TNC die set •Universal coaxial crimping tool •RG-58, RG-174, RG-8218 die set •RG-174, BNC/TNC die set ••RG-6, RG-174 die set •Plenum and PTFE cables RG-58, RG-59…

    Mfr Name: Pro'skit

    Mfr Number: 1PK-934

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    22-18235 - Lateral Multi-Connector Compression Crimper - RG58/59/62/6QS/7/11

    Crimps most connector types to most coaxial cables. Works with miniCoax, RG58, RG59, RG6, RG62, RG6QS, RG7 and RG11 cables. Cable selection wheel eliminates the need to change plunger tips.

    Mfr Name: Klein Tools

    Mfr Number: VDV211-063

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    22-3405 - TK2151 Coaxial Kit

    This kit includes a 2100 Series Crimp Tool Frame, two popular die sets, an 8300 Easy Strip for cable preparation and commercial grade BNC's for RG58 and RG59 cable. All components are conveniently arranged in a durable plastic storage case.

    Mfr Name: Sargent

    Mfr Number: TK2151

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    22-17875 - Telecom and Cable Install Kit

    Installers kit comes with all the tools and accessories needed for a variety of telecom, cable and security installations and repairs. Comes with a 14" deluxe tool bag to organize your tools and transport to the jobsite.

    Mfr Name: Distributed By MCM

    Mfr Number: 22-17875

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