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    83-12340 - 450 Watt ATX Power Supply

    Record all of your High efficiency ATX power supply great for system builders or PC repair.

    Mfr Name: Sparkle Power

    Mfr Number: ATX-450PN-B204

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    82-20845 - Single Zone PoE IP Camera Interface Microphone Kit (Listen-only)

    …Interface Microphone Kit (Listen-only) Single zone audio surveillance kit for use with powered over Ethernet I/P cameras. In line adaptor for tapping power off Ethernet powered I/P cameras to supply power to the SM1 microphone. Adaptor "breakout box" includes terminations for connecting the…

    Mfr Name: Electronic Tech Services

    Mfr Number: SM5-EA

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    60-10131 - 500W X 2Ch at 2ohm Autosound Mosfet Amplifier

    1,000 Watt Two Channel MOSFET Amplifier Compact low cost amplifier is perfect for a variety of autosound installations including existing system upgrade. Its two channels are 2 ohm stable, bridgeable to 4ohm mono, and included variable high and low pass filters make it suitable for use with mains as…

    Mfr Name: Lanzar

    Mfr Number: VCT2110

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    80-7800 - 2 Channel High-Power LED Flasher Project Kit

    This kit has two detachable LED boards that can be installed in separately and connected to the main circuit. Perfect for use in alarm systems, hazard flashers, or as a disco effect.

    Mfr Name: Velleman SA

    Mfr Number: MK180

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    831-3245 - FTDI USB Development Module

    Vinculum USB to MCU Development Tool The VDIP1 is a MCU to embedded USB host controller development module for the VNC1L IC device. The Vinculum VNC1L is the first of Vinculum family of embedded USB host controller integrated circuit devices.

    Mfr Name: FTDI

    Mfr Number: VDIP1

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    28-12896 - Remote Control Stick 15 Channel Ir Transmitter

    …(3 addresses with 15 channels each). The built-in 'all clear'-function allows the user to turn-off all channels of the current address at the same time. Channel and address selection is straightforward and easy. Even in total darkness you can select the correct channel and operate the remote.

    Mfr Name: Velleman SA

    Mfr Number: K8051

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    80-9093 - 10-Channel 12Vdc Light Effect Kit

    A 10 channel light effect generator for LED's, Fluorescents or solid state relays.

    Mfr Name: Velleman SA

    Mfr Number: K8044

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    50-9950 - 19" In-Wall LCD Monitor Widescreen HD Display

    19" In-Wall LCD Monitor The Pyle PLVW flat panel monitors provide vivid and crisp widescreen picture quality. The integrated metal support frame and extra thin display housing makes them perfect for any wall or flat surface application. You will be able to create a clean and professional looking…

    Mfr Name: Pyle

    Mfr Number: PLVW194U

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    133-UC3770ANG4 - IC Stepper Motor Driver 3770 PDIP-16

    …in these devices are LS-TTL compatible logic inputs, current sense, monostable, thermal shutdown, and a power H-bridge output stage. Two UC3770ANG4s and a few external components form a complete micro-processor-controllable stepper motor power system. Available in: * ROHS * ROHS + "Green" Molding

    Mfr Name: Texas Instruments

    Mfr Number: UC3770ANG4

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    28-17600 - 8 DIGIT LED Driver IC

    …lets you control 64 LEDs (say) with only 16 pins (8x8). The annoying thing about 'plexing is that you need to use 8 power transistors (or a power register/latch, that can supply over 100mA per pin) AND you have to constantly refresh the display to keep the image stable. If you need to get something…

    Mfr Name: Distributed By MCM

    Mfr Number: 73P7898CNG+

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    80-9089 - 8-Channel Rf Remote Transmi Module

    A RF remote module suited for all kinds of applications such as light control, audio speaker selection and garden applications .

    Mfr Name: Velleman SA

    Mfr Number: VM118R

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    80-9103 - 8-Channel Rf Remote Transmitt Kit

    A RF remote module suited for all kinds of applications such as light control, audio speaker selection and garden applications .

    Mfr Name: Velleman SA

    Mfr Number: K8058

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    81-3355 - Practical Electronics for Inventors, Third Edition

    The electronics know-how you need to become a successful inventor.

    Mfr Name: Mcgraw-hill

    Mfr Number: 1259587541

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    72-8105 - LED Digital Panel Meter

    * 31/2 LED digital panel meter * Single 9VDC operation * High input impedance: > 100Mohm.

    Mfr Name: Velleman SA

    Mfr Number: PMLED

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    22-8242 - Atlas DCA Meter - Semiconductor and Component Analyzer

    …its LCD display. The unit negates the need for searching through data books in many cases and is suitable for use with bi-polar transistors, MOSFETS, low power thyristors, and triacs, diodes, and diode networks and LEDs including bi and tricolor yypes. Supplied with battery and universal test clips.

    Mfr Name: Peak

    Mfr Number: DCA55

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    80-9079 - Rgb Led Strip Eff Generator Module

    Rgb Led Strip Eff Generator Module

    Mfr Name: Velleman SA

    Mfr Number: VM146

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    80-9100 - Microchip® PIC™ Microcontroller Programmer Kit

    PIC Programmer Board Kit

    Mfr Name: Velleman SA

    Mfr Number: K8076

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    82-18197 - 7" Touchscreen LCD Multifunction Camera Tester for CCTV and IP

    7" Touch Screen Multi-function IP and Analog Camera Tester with WiFi The 7" touch screen IP camera tester is designed for maintenance and installation of both IP cameras and analog cameras, in addition to PTZs. It's the first tester to display an IP camera's image for field focusing and…

    Mfr Name: Defender Security

    Mfr Number: 82-18197

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    80-9102 - 8-Channel Rf Remote Control S Kit

    This relay card can be used in several ways : stand alone card, addressed by switches or open collector outputs or remote controlled through RS232. This is a kit and requires moderate soldering skills

    Mfr Name: Velleman SA

    Mfr Number: K8056

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    24-15213 - Universal Power Adapter; Selectectable Up to 12VDC 1200Ma

    This adaptor is designed to supply power where and when you need it. With selectable DC output up to 12 V and plugs to fit most small electronic devices, it replaces a box full of batteries and wall warts.

    Mfr Name: Hosa Technology

    Mfr Number: ACD-477

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    82-12782 - Switch-Selectable Dc Power Supply Module - 2.5A Continuous; 3A Peak

    Power Supply/Chargers * Regulated and filtered output voltage * Short circuit protection * Thermal protection and compensation * Built-in backup battery charger * Switches to backup battery automatically in case of power loss * Fused protection for battery charger * 2 LEDs to indicate AC power input…

    Mfr Name: Seco-larm

    Mfr Number: ST-2406-3A

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    28-20906 - 48V 12.5A 600W AC DC Switching Power Supply

    48V 12.5A AC/DC Enclosed Switching Power Supply This 600W power supply features active surge current limiting and AC range selection. Includes built-in fan for active cooling.

    Mfr Name: Mean Well

    Mfr Number: PS-SP11142

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    82-19265 - Auxiliary Power Supply with Selectable 6V or 12V Output

    Auxiliary Power Supply/Charger This UL listed power supply and charger has 6VDC and 12VDC outputs on a compact PCB configuration ideal for backup battery power supply.

    Mfr Name: MG Electronics

    Mfr Number: MG1261.5A

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    82-2165 - Power Supply

    …blown fuses. On-board diagnostic LEDs visually indicate the presence of the AC charging and CE output voltages. The output voltage is easily selected with easy to change mini-jumpers. These features, along with the compact size make the ELK-624 power supply/charger a must-have for your next job.

    Mfr Name: Elk Products

    Mfr Number: ELK-P624

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