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    74-360 - SoniChek MC Mini Sound Level Meter

    The SoniChek MC is a compact sound level meter with C weighting ideal for testing sound levels in PA systems, home theaters, music performances and other situations needing broad frequency response. Featuring a ergonomic handsized design and a large backlit LCD display making it convenient and…

    Mfr Name: Triplett

    Mfr Number: TSC-MC1

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    555-10020 - 2 Way 250W RMS 8 Ohm 70V AH Series 15 Stadium Horn

    15" 90� x 40� Stadium Horn Loudspeaker Large 15" stadium horns are perfect when maximum power capacity and SPL are required. This model offers 90� x 40� dispersion. This coverage pattern works well when longer speaker-to-listener distances require a tighter vertical coverage pattern. Three…

    Mfr Name: Atlas Sound

    Mfr Number: AH9040S

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    555-10940 - ULTRACURVE PRO High Precision Digital 24-Bit 96KHz Mastering Processor

    Equalizer, Analyzer, Feedback Destroyer and Mastering Processor The DEQ2496 is a highprecision digital 24-bit/ 96 kHz EQ/RTA mastering processor, ideal for sophisticated live sound trouble-shooting or audiophile mastering. Whether you're putting the finishing touches on recorded material or creating…

    Mfr Name: Behringer

    Mfr Number: DEQ2496

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    72-8625 - Acoustilyzer Compact Acoustical and Audio Analyzer

    The Acoustilyzer is a handheld audio test instrument with a wide range of acoustical measurement functions, such as testing and monitoring of sound pressure level at concerts, room acoustics and speech intelligibility STI-PA. The practical blend of electrical and acoustical functions, combined with…

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    72-7260 - Sound Level Meter Calibrator

    Sound Level Meter Calibrator Specifically intended for Tenma #72-6635 and #72-860 Sound Level Meters, this precision calibrator is compatible with any instrument with a 1/2" diameter mic element housing. Essential for maintaining the accuracy of any portable sound level meter, this unit generates a…

    Mfr Name: Tenma

    Mfr Number: 72-7260

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    RB-120 - BUZZER-120VAC

    * Nominal Voltage: 120VAC * Resistance: 2025 Ohms (�10%) * Nominal Coil Power: 3.0VA * Dielectric Strength: 1000 VRMS, 60Hz * Operating Ambient: -45�C to +110�C * Average SPL: 93 dBA at 15 cm, 74 dBA at 1.0 Meters

    Mfr Name: NTE Electronics

    Mfr Number: RB-120

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