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    Temperature Sensor Raspberry Pi

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    83-16980 - Raspberry Pi Sense HAT - AstroPi

    The Raspberry Pi Sense HAT attaches via the Pi's 40pin GPIO port to read and display sensor data from a host of built-in sensors. Based on the same hardware that is currently in orbit on the International Space Station, the Sense HAT lets you create applications, experiments, and games.…

    Mfr Name: Raspberry Pi

    Mfr Number: 2483095

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    83-16563 - Hall Sensor Leaf

    Fayalabs Leaf is a series of component breakouts. It is designed for to be hooked up to an Arduino, Raspberry Pi or other development boards. The Leaf products are great for lightweight prototyping. Each Leaf unit has 3 ro 4 pins that are designed to be plugged into either a breadboard or directly…

    Mfr Name: Faya Lab

    Mfr Number: 801-LF002

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    83-17775 - Pi-Plates DAQC Plate For Raspberry Pi

    …DAQCplate adds a rich set of input/output options to your Raspberry Pi. It includes 7 powerful digital outputs for driving external devices such as relays and high current LEDs as well as 8 analog to digital inputs for measuring temperature, voltage, humidity and more. In addition to all of the…

    Mfr Name: Pi-Plates

    Mfr Number: DAQCUPLATE

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    83-15163 - Raspberry PI 9 Piece Module Kit

    The Linker kit allows the use of the Raspberry Pi board without complicated soldering. Each component is presoldered to a miniature PCB. Jumper cables are provided to connect all the various components. Note the Slide Potentiometer, Touch Sensor and Temperature modules require the use of the MCP3008…

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    83-16272 - Enocean Pi Home Automation Sensor Kit

    EnOcean Pi Home Automation Sensor Kit The EnOcean Sensor Kit, with Energy Harvesting elements, enables solutions that are wireless, smarter and greener.

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    83-15546 - EnOcean Pi 902Mhz Wireless Control Module

    The Raspberry Pi computer can now control gateways for energy usage and automation systems using the new EnOcean Pi accessory, available from MCM.

    Mfr Name: Raspberry Pi

    Mfr Number: 2322461

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    83-17664 - Moto Mods Hat Adapter Board

    Attach Raspberry Pi compatible HATs to your Moto Z smartphone using this HAT adapter board and the Moto Mods Development Kit (MDK.)

    Mfr Name: Moto

    Mfr Number: 2581424

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