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    72-11565 - Compact DSP Telephone Test Set

    Compact DSP Telephone Test Set

    Mfr Name: Chesivale Electronics

    Mfr Number: M0452/100

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    201-031 - Insulation Piercing Cable Test Clip Set

    Insulated probes are ideal for hard to reach test points. Set of 2 probes, one red and one black. Sheathed 4mm receptacle accepts shrouded and unshrouded banana plugs.

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    72-6564 - Tone Plug Sound System Test Generator

    The Tone Plug is a unique multi-function audio test instrument capable of generating a variety of signals for troubleshooting, analysis and calibration of sound systems and components. Built into a male XLR microphone connector, the Tone Plug requires no batteries. Simply plug into a phantom powered…

    Mfr Name: Distributed By MCM

    Mfr Number: TP1

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    22-13768 - Coax Remote Set for 22-13760

    Coax remote set for use with VDV MapMaster 2.0™ (MCM #22-16416). ID/MAP 19 video (coax) cables at one time. Numbered custom "F" remotes 1 thru 19 for easy identification.

    Mfr Name: Platinum Tools

    Mfr Number: T120C

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    201-340 - Deluxe Multi-Use DMM Maxi-Kit

    …tips for testing flexibility. Silicone insulated 4ft test leads with right-angle DMM plugs fit most meters. Retractable tip probe with 3" long tip and silicone leads. Minigrabber® and Minipincer® test clip leads attache to test leads. Test lead coupler connects leads to probe set for 16ft…

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    …5 V microcontrollers. This kit provides the hardware necessary to set up, test, and communicate with XBee 802.15.4 Modules using a PC and a microcontroller. The included hardware is also capable of doing range and packet tests. Adding additional modules and adapter boards will allow you to connect…

    Mfr Name: Parallax

    Mfr Number: 32440

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    76-300 - Enhanced Power Supply Probe Kit

    Enhanced Power Supply Test Accessory Kit Provides fixed test lead connection, primarily intended for use with DC power supplies up to 12A. Kit is comprised of high quality components that are compatible with virtually all brands of instruments. Accessories include multiple clip and spade lug…

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    82-18197 - 7" Touchscreen LCD Multifunction Camera Tester for CCTV and IP

    …both IP cameras and analog cameras, in addition to PTZs. It's the first tester to display an IP camera's image for field focusing and verification. The combination of touch screen operation and multi-function device testing capabilities make this test a must-have for any security camera installer.

    Mfr Name: Defender Security

    Mfr Number: 82-18197

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    555-25255 - Dunlop Dual Design Nickel Straplok Pair

    Guitar Strap Locks (complete set) The Dunlop Straplok System is the strap retainer designed with the artist in mind. 360� groove and ball design allows the unit to rotate without catching. The case hardened steel skin guarantees long life. The same strap can be used with several guitars, as the…

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    80-9102 - 8-Channel Rf Remote Control S Kit

    This relay card can be used in several ways : stand alone card, addressed by switches or open collector outputs or remote controlled through RS232. This is a kit and requires moderate soldering skills

    Mfr Name: Velleman SA

    Mfr Number: K8056

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    80-7581 - Antibacterial Clean Remote- Compatible with Lodgenet & OnCommand Systems

    Hospitality Clean Remote Ideal solution for facilities with Pay-Per-View Systems. Compatible with LodgeNet and OnCommand systems. Tested 99% cleaner than all other remotes evaluated. Simple set-up, hidden attached battery cover. Easy-wipe surface. Uses two AAA batteries.

    Mfr Name: Clean Remote

    Mfr Number: CR2M

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    28-16890 - DWO PROTO BOARD

    18M2 PICAXE Motor-Control Prototype Board An interface board for mounting a 18M2 PICAXE, with a L293D quad-output motor driver circuit for easy motor control.

    Mfr Name: Cebek

    Mfr Number: EDU-CHI35

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    72-11415 - TS19 Telecom Test Set

    TS19 features DataSafeT, Tone or Pulse operation, Talk/Monitor capabilities and last number redial.

    Mfr Name: Fluke Networks

    Mfr Number: 19800003

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    72-11450 - Telephone Butt Test Set

    Telephone Butt Test Set comes with all the functions you need to be more productive in the field, It was approved by IEC/EN 60529 IP54 for waterproof and dustproof test, and features the latest improvements to drop protection reliability. This is a smart operation unit used by installer, repair…

    Mfr Name: Pro'skit

    Mfr Number: MT-8100

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    22-16418 - T62 Recon™ Test Set

    …data detection and identification. Did you realize that not all butt setts are created equal? Most were designed in the 1980's or 90's! These old sets were not intended for use with our current technology, including DSL. The T62 Recon is designed for use with DSL and our current telecommunications…

    Mfr Name: Platinum Tools

    Mfr Number: T62

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    72-6975 - Telephone Test Set

    An all-weather test set fully featured, engineered to be tough, yet lightweight and comfortable on your shoulder.

    Mfr Name: Greenlee Communications

    Mfr Number: PE930

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    76-108A - Test Lead Set

    Test Lead Set

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    21-670 - Coiled Test Lead Set

    A classic style test lead with coiled cables that keep excess cable slack out of your work area. Ideal for older analog multimeters and other test equipment that accepts bare banana plugs.

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    72-485 - Test Probe Set

    * One red and one black 48" PVC flexible jacketed lead * Sheathed right angle DMM plugs * 0.08" (2mm) diameter contact tips * Meets 1000V Cat III requirements * 10A rating * Includes slide-on alligator clip adaptors

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    76-090 - Surface Mount Test Lead Set

    Surface Mount Test Lead Set Tenma Surface Mount Test Lead Set, Plug Size: 4 mm, Features: Highly flexible silicone jacketed wire, extra sharp tips for small

    Mfr Name: Tenma

    Mfr Number: 76-090

    See all Multimeter Probes and Leads in Probes and Accessories

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    21-560 - IC Clip Test Lead Set

    Ideal for use with multimeters, power supplies and a variety of other test equipment. The pincher spring-hook probes are perfect for testing board mounted components and fine pins.

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    73-1420 - Power Supply Test Lead Set

    Accessory kit combines safety and functionality. The highly flexible silicone jacked test leads feature a retractile sheathed banana plug to connect to the Bench Power Supply and a fixed sheath banana plug to protect the user. A complete selection of accessories are included.

    Mfr Name: B&K Precision

    Mfr Number: TLPS

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    105-496 - Deluxe Electronic Test Lead Set

    •22 piece set with quadfold pouch •Everything for virtually every electronic need including probes, alligator clips, tip extenders, pincers, leads and adaptors •Cat II, 300V

    Mfr Name: Fluke

    Mfr Number: TL81A

    See all Multimeter Probes and Leads in Probes and Accessories

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    105-446 - SureGrip Industrial Test Lead Set

    * Superior gripping surface made from thermoplastic rubber * Improved ergonomics * New design makes clips, hooks, and probes more versatile * All SureGrip™ accessories are rated CAT III 1000V and CAT IV 600V

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