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    72-12840 - Advanced Semiconductor Component Analyzer

    The DCA75 Advanced semiconductor analyser combines ease-of-use with amazing features and can automatically identify a huge range of semiconductors, identify pinouts and measure detailed parameters. Features a graphics display, USB port, PC Software and an enhanced component identification library.

    Mfr Name: Peak

    Mfr Number: DCA75

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    80-1170 - Diode/Transistor Tester Kit

    Diode/Transistor Tester Kit

    Mfr Name: Elenco

    Mfr Number: DT-100K

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    72-6120 - Lil Bitty Tester

    A fast, portable, convenient and affordable tester. A GO/NO-GO tester that fits in a shirt pocket. Designed for the professional electronic technician for field or shop work and also easy enough for the hobbyist to use.

    Mfr Name: Lil Bittytester

    Mfr Number: LBT-2

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    73-600 - Hand-Held Capacitance and Ohm Meter + Transistor, Diode, LED Tester

    This handy capacitance meter (0.1 pF to 20 mF) and ohm meter (0.1 ohm to 20M ohm) also tests: transistors, beta, diodes, SCRs, LEDs and batteries.

    Mfr Name: B&K Precision

    Mfr Number: 815

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    81-3480 - Raspberry Pi Projects for Dummies

    Join the Raspberry revolution with these fun and easy Pi projects The Raspberry Pi has opened up a whole new world of innovation for everyone from hardware hackers and programmers to students, hobbyists, engineers, and beyond. Featuring a variety of hands-on projects, this easy-to-understand guide…

    Mfr Name: John Wiley & Sons

    Mfr Number: 9781118766699

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    80-9025 - Electronics Learning - Circuit Building Experiments

    Construct circuits with colorful electric building blocks to learn about electricity and how electronic devices work. With the innovative snap-together blocks in the ElectronX building system, children eight and up can safely and easily begin experimenting with electronic circuits.

    Mfr Name: Thames & Kosmos

    Mfr Number: 615819

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    21-2340 - Professional Alignment Tool Kit

    Comprehensive selection of the most popular alignment tools and service aids for electronics repair, including vintage televisions and radios. This kit is packaged in a well-organized carrying case designed to provide easy removal and replacement of tools. It is ideal for the technician and engineer…

    Mfr Name: GC Electronics

    Mfr Number: 5050

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