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    29-7465 - Firepoint 3-In-1 UV LED Flashlight

    Firepoint 3-in1 UV LED Flashlight This versatile flashlight performs three functions; it's a flashlight, a laser pointer and a UV light. It features a 7.5hr run time and an impact and water resistant, anodized aluminum housing.

    Mfr Name: Performance Tool

    Mfr Number: W2468

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    83-17820 - Nichia 1W UV LED Module with Breakout

    NVSU233A U365 High Power UV-LED w/ Breakout Board The Nichia NVSU233A U365 is an ultraviolet LED that packs over one watt of power into a compact yet robust package. Also included is a custom board for the Nichia U233A U365 UV-LED designed to fit in 16mm flashlight housings.

    Mfr Name: Groupgets LLC

    Mfr Number: 69071261

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    29-9460 - Dual Color Headlamp with UV

    Dual Color Headlamp with UV

    Mfr Name: Nebo Tools

    Mfr Number: 6508

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